how web design can help your business?

Want a website that brings in steady visitors?

A great web design can make your web site stand out and attract visitors. In turn, a solid website can help your business to increase sales. It can be a major source of information for your customers, by listing your phone and address. Your web site can also showcase products and services.

Options can include a forum where customers can share helpful tips. A web site can serve as a help desk offering on line support or answering frequent questions. If you sell goods online, your web site can act as a cashier and even deliver digital goods.

By now you are probably saying to yourself, “but I know all of that.” That’s not why I am here. We know, you need solutions that will help you to increase web site visitors. Be warned though, there is no magic pill that will lead visitors to your website. However, with good planning you can have an awesome website.

Planning Your Web Design Project

Establish a budget and define a goal. – Having a single and clear purpose for your website is important. It should be simple and it needs to limit the amount of navigation required for your visitors to get there.

Bad examples of a goal would be, “I want my website to make me a million dollars.” or,” I want 10,000 daily visitors.” The reason these are bad examples is because they are not realistic for a new website.

In many cases and certainly for small business, the amount of money spent on advertising or a good web developer will set the tone for how successful your website is.

Before you can advertise or hire a web designer, designate an amount that is sustainable for at least six months to eight months. It will not take that long to start seeing results but it will take at least this much time for your website to become visible enough and create a following.

So what are some of the expenses related with a new web design.

  • Web Designer and/or developer. (Required for initial design and then for periodic work.)
  • Copytext writer/editor. (Required for initial design then rarely.)
  • Hosting company (monthly or annual)
  • Advertising (Depends on the business.)
  • Domain name (annual)
  • Security Certificate (annual)